Orbitz Rewards Credit Card

The Challenge

Customer: Customers that would like to sign up for the Orbitz Rewards Credit Card.

Role: UX Designer

This project was to solve the issue of customers abandoning the credit card application in checkout. There were issues of the customer being presented with a modal and being required to sign in to the site in order to apply.

default filter sign in modal current credit card application

The Solution

To solve the problem we discussed integrating the sign in or register experience into the credit card form to make the task appear less time consuming for the customer that is booking travel. This also gave us the opportunity to update the credit card application and create a branded design that gains customer trust with their sensitive information.

credit card application step 1 credit card application step 2 Terms and conditions


View Prototype

The prototype was used to present the new design as well as accommodate our usability study.

Application module form image Post application checkout


View PDF Document

The documentation covers the current design and its challenges along with the recommended redesign based on the user testing that was conducted.

Credit card application journey map callout example Usability study results